Narrative Manuscript Editing

Would you like some feedback on your novel, novella, or short story? Perhaps you’d like a developmental, “global” edit that addresses narrative elements like characterization, point of view, scene versus summary balance, plot, and pacing. This is a Basic Manuscript Edit. 

Perhaps in addition to a global edit, you’d like a “local” edit, which addresses line-by-line issues like sentence construction and variety, active versus passive vice, “wordiness,” and other grammar/mechanical issues.  An Advanced Manuscript Edit addresses “global” and “local” issues.

Manuscript Edit  – Advanced Manuscript Edit –  Basic
Global Edits YES YES
Local Edits YES NO
Submission Mark-up and Notes of Main Points/Edits YES YES
*Face-to-Face Meeting with Editor YES YES
**Price $40/hour $30/hour
*Email or call to discuss a remote, digital option.

**Price: Includes editing time and meeting time. Individuals are invoiced at the meeting.

image4 For more information about either manuscript editing option, please call Jasmine at (406) 437-3576 or email