Creative Writing Courses (2017-2018)

Hello and welcome back to the site! I’ve not posted in a long while, and here it is, that time of year to announce the upcoming creative writing classes for 2017-2018.

However, before I go into class details, I’d like recap my thinking as it pertains to the way I’ve structured creative writing classes during the previous few years.

In terms of class frequency and course duration, creative writing is generally taught once a week over the span of 8 – 16 weeks, which is an academic institution’s common semester class schedule.

I’ve taken creative writing courses on the above schedule, and I’ve taught creative writing courses on the schedule, and it seems that no matter which side of the coin I’ve been on, I’ve often felt that the semester schedule is too fast-paced when it comes to rates of retention and application of narrative elements, most of which are complex. (Not to mention the constant yearning for more time between classes to allow the creative mind to reveal itself!)

Therefore, since I’ve started teaching independently, I’ve had the freedom to create longer, slower schedules, so classes are less frequent (once or twice a month) and are taught over a longer duration (six months). The results? So far, per student evaluations of the courses, students reveal that they are better able to absorb and apply narrative concepts when they have a few weeks (as opposed to a few days) to “breathe in” new material.

At any rate, with that being said, I’m happy to reveal the creative writing course offerings for 2017/2018, both of which will continue to run on a longer, slower schedule.

Two classes are on offer this season: Basic Elements of Fiction Writing, a small group course for beginners, and One-on-One Creative Writing instruction, a course for intermediate students (those who have a foundational grasp of the basic narrative elements).

New to both courses is a further component: Grammar for Creative Writers. Students from both classes will join together monthly for a 1.5-hour session during which we’ll look at common grammar and mechanical issues that crop up in fiction writing. For instance, we’ll learn to eliminate adverbs and to select strong, active verbs. We’ll discuss sentence variety, “wordiness,” active voice versus passive voice, and more.

For more information on either course, please visit my Current Classes Offered page.

Note: The Basic Elements of Fiction Writing class will be capped at 8 students, and I’ll be taking up to 6 students for the One-on-One Creative Writing Instruction course, so please do not wait until late October to sign up. Spots are allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis.

I’m also available for manuscript editing and academic tutoring on an ongoing basis. If you think I could be of some assistance in these areas, get in touch and/or spread the word!

I hope to see you in class!